Why Child Insurance is Necessary?

Why Child Insurance is Necessary? : Children are the main reason behind parent’s existence. Parents always want to give the best possible foundation to their children and work hard to offer for child care, education and imparting the correct values to make sure that children become responsible as well as productive eventually.

To fulfill this parent’s dream, the child requires an appreciation of the expenses involved and an effective financial plan which is started as early as possible. Education is the most crucial expenses which parents need to plan for.

We all know that the education cost is growing more than the rate of inflation for the past 7 years. Hence, parents need to be careful while handling these expenses. Considering the long-term goals of their children, ensure that you invest in the right financial tool.

Generally, it is observed that parents delay financial planning to a later stage and prefer to invest for short-term periods. There are various instances where parents sacrifice other vital investment goals like retirement planning because of weak long-term planning. Therefore, industry experts suggest parents to start early and follow a disciplined approach to saving for the long term.

Buying online child insurance is the best decision to fulfill the long-term requirements of a parent and has an edge over other financial products, owing to a wide range of benefits it gives. Child plans allow parents to start investing early especially after being blessed with a child. It motivates disciplined long-term savings.

It is true that parents often fail to work for the consequences of the demise of the provider. The major benefit of child insurance online is that it generates a continuous cycle of fund creation in case of sudden demise of the parent.

On policyholder’s death, the insurer continues investing money on behalf of the insured person because of the waiver of premium benefit. This feature helps to protect the child’s future and also help a child in meeting the parent’s dreams.

Child insurance in India is affordable and based on individual risk appetites. Customers can select between unit-linked and traditional insurance plans. A unit linked child insurance policy allows investment in both equity and debt markets.

Traditional child insurance offers guaranteed maturity benefits and invests funds mainly in self-instruments and risk-free government securities. Those who have a low-risk appetite and not literate financially can opt for traditional policies. Customers who are ready to take the risk related to these equity markets can buy unit linked plans.

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