How Health Insurance Premiums Increase with Age

Does your mediclaim plan offer you the best health insurance with high coverage against the increasing cost of medicines and treatments or should you opt for health insurance premiums with maximum coverage?

As health insurance in India is a practical and very necessary investment, people surprise at the rise in the regular installments of premiums with the increase in age. Those who want to buy family health insurance must perform desired products of health insurance comparison.

Unfortunately, insurance companies in India secure their own interests and the more you age, since you become susceptible to diseases and illnesses, with increasing rates of medical treatments you pose a maximum risk to insurers. Therefore, age is the main reason why policyholders’ premium increases with time.

Insurance companies in India evaluate key factors on a regular basis and determine health insurance premiums. But, claim statistics is a key factor here. Your insurer will evaluate and review profiles of patients and know which individual is costing them more money and determine those who need a number of frequent medical care.

Older people might need blood tests for diabetes, cholesterol reviews, attention to heart problems and blood pressure checkups. Policyholders might need surgeries or specific processes to better eyesight or failing bones.

Specialist help might be needed which is more expensive. All these issues are not considered or even available for younger customers. Similarly, women who are aging might require checkups regularly that involve gynecological procedures, mammograms, pregnancy and delivery and age-associated bone therapy and issues that younger females will not experience.

With increasing medical expenses like cost of prescription medication, surgeries, hospitalization and doctor’s fees etc, insurance companies in India will have to cover their own interests from inflation as well.

Since old age people give a higher cost to the insurer, so they will have to pay additional health insurance cost. Insurance companies in India decide the cost of policies and premium amount after comparing and evaluating various patient profiles and evaluating how many patients they will cater to.

However, even in case of customers are relatively healthy and find themselves paying what they consider exorbitant amounts of money if they have medical emergencies.

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