How to Upgrade Health Insurance Coverage

It is really good to know that you have your own independent health insurance plan and you are no more dependent on your employer to pay your medical bills. But, it’s high time for you to realize that with the rapidly increasing healthcare inflation, the sum insured you hold is just not enough to even cover a single hospital bill expenses.

So, you have to upgrade your health insurance coverage if you want to meet these skyrocketing hospitalization expenses.

Below are some of the choices which you can avail in case you are searching for upgrading his or her coverage:

Option to upgrade Health Insurance Policy

  • Upgrade Health Insurance Coverage When Needed

It may look smart thing to do but cost you in future. Many insurance companies in India will approve upgrade request till the policyholder is healthy and young.
You need to submit the fresh application to the insurer for the upgrades giving declaration of any new diseases contracted etc. If your insurer ready to upgrade the policy, then all waiting periods are applied to the upgrade policy part, from the year of upgrade.

  • Upgrade Your Coverage Now

Those who have a lifetime health insurance and reasonably healthy family can first apply for an upgrade to the highest available coverage before trying anything else. At the time of renewal, policyholder needs to request for the upgrade by submitting an application form.

  • Port Your Health Insurance Coverage

If your current insurance company is offering you the highest sum insured, then try to explore the availability of porting your plan to another insurance product with the same insurer. Customers need to apply to the new insurer around 45 days in advance in most cases when it comes to portability.

  • Buy Another Health Insurance

If you have availed the maximum sum insured provided by the insurer, then portability is not possible. So, take another healthcare insurance from another insurance company in India. Do not forget to mention the existing policy while filling the proposal form for the new plan.

  • Top-up Cover

Buying a top-up cover is the best way to upgrade health insurance policy. But, first you need to understand how these covers work in your favor before finalizing the deal.

Now that we have understood how to upgrade our health insurance coverage; let us view, compare and buy Health Insurance plans online from the best Health Insurance companies in India at

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