Maternity Insurance Policy

Maternity insurance policies cover pregnancy and delivery related medical expenses. These insurance products reimburse medical expenses of visiting an OB-GYN, hospital stays and other costs which generate with the new born baby every now and then.
In fact, many health insurance policies are available with maternity benefits coverage which is specially tailored for the mother as well as for the child.
Generally, health insurance includes any unanticipated medical treatments and maternity coverage. As it handles lot of financial impact, you can easily save your lots of money. This type of insurance also covers medical costs with its maternity cover already pregnant option.
It involves baby delivery charges for any kind of delivery, hospitalization expenses, post care expenses, pre- and post- natal coverage and vaccinations. But, this insurance is usually available for up to two deliveries.
The coverage amount is based on your sum assured and maternity expenses sub limits depend on selected health cover. The coverage is more only if the sum assured is more.
Under this insurance type, the waiting period ranges from 12-48 months. Remember that a new insurance plan cannot offer benefits for already pregnant women.
If you thoroughly analyze inclusions, you will surely avail lot of advantages through maternity cover. Do not forget that it has some exclusion as well like consultation fees and tests and pre-hospitalization period costs. Proper analysis is necessary before finalizing coverage which you can also done by comparing health insurance with maternity coverage plans online.