Tips to a Make Successful Health Insurance Claim

Today, buying online health insurance India is not just a choice, it is important because of increasing medical costs. Customers need to be careful while buying a mediclaim policy else their claims get rejected because the policyholder fails to give true and sufficient details.

The insurance business is based on utmost good trust, which needs that the person requiring insurance coverage mentions all necessary details. It means those who are planning to buy healthcare plans online must disclose all occupations and lifestyle related detail and any health issues customer or his or her family may have had.

Also, insurance service providers must mention all the critical information buyers need to know regarding insurers’ terms. Understanding the health insurance plan is not enough, you also have to fill the application by yourself instead of asking your insurance agent to do the same. It can prove costly in the long run. Then, insurance companies in India underwrite policies based on customers’ declarations.

Declaration is important to consider the risk factor as well as to calculate the premium amount to insure risks. When insured file a claim, the insurance company checks the authenticity of all these declarations.

Remember that providing incorrect details or hiding some important facts can lead to rejection of online health insurance claim. Hence, you should be very careful while filling crucial information.

  • Personal Health

If person is addictive to substances like alcohol and tobacco that impact health, then insurance companies in India must know about these things.

Health insurance premium is based on various factors such as the frequency, consumption type, the period for which person has been addicted and last but not the least, the quantity consumed. The insurer can take a call depending on the underwriter’s assessment regarding extension of the coverage for such applicants and at how much premium.

  • Medical History

Carefully analyze your medical history to assess the long term expenses of funding healthcare. If a customer has any medical history of illness, then disclose it in an application. While mentioning your actual medical history, be ready to pay some higher health insurance premium. So, you will not be surprise at the time of claims.

  • Family History

Medial history of you and your family members is taken into consideration by the underwriter before extending coverage to existing policyholder. Immediate family member’s critical illness could make an insurer wary. Sometimes, family histories have a negative impact on a customer’s health insurance premium amount.

  • Occupation

Occupational risk is a major factor to check wellness and risk of accident. In sedentary jobs, people are more prone to cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, work nature is necessary for risk assessment.

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