What Aspects are Excluded by Health Insurance Policies?

Sometimes, policyholders end up disappointed with their healthcare policies when they try to make a claim. This happens because most insured persons tend to purchase an insurance plan without doing proper research and without paying proper attention to policy terms & conditions.

Every health insurance service provider describes their exclusions clearly in the policy documents. If you accept a policy without reading through them, then prepare yourself for unpleasant surprises. Below are some of the common exclusions in a health cover:

  • No Cover for Initial 30 Days of the Insurance

If you buy a Mediclaim policy, then health insurance company in India does not give you a coverage for the first 30 days of the policy.

  • Pre-existing Diseases are Not Covered

Insured person’s pre-existing diseases are not covered immediately with the effect of the insurance plan. Pre-existing disease is a health issue which the insured is suffering from before purchasing a plan.

In fact, any complications resulted because of these health issues are also excluded from policy. Insurance products generally tend to include pre-existing diseases after around 3-4 consecutive policy years.

  • No Cover for Diseases Like

Health insurance coverage is not available for diseases such as Cataract, Hernia, Prostate, Piles, gout, fistula, rheumatism, tonsils, sinus, kidney stones, sinus related disorders, drug addictions, congenital disorders, non-allopathic or alternate treatments, hysterectomy, self-inflicted injuries, HIV/AIDS and fertility related treatments and so on.

These insurance products exclude the cost of contact lenses, cosmetic surgery and dental treatment. Some policies do not provide coverage for treatments taken abroad.

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