Questionnaire for Your Home Insurance Service Provider

Before signing home insurance policy India, it is advisable to ensure that what’s being covered. Sometimes, many plans fail to insure basic disasters, while other may provide additional which insured didn’t know about. Below are six important questions to ask your insurance service provider to make sure a plan is correct for you or not:
Which calamities are insured?
Policyholders cough up their premiums to make sure that their houses are secured against some serious calamities such as hurricanes, floods or damage. But, insurance companies in India see that all disasters are equally created. Majority of insured people find this scenario very late. Therefore, before selecting a plan, make sure what’s going to be insured.
Does it Cover Mold?
Unfortunately, most home insurance plans don’t cover a rampant mold infestation which needs an expensive clean up. There are some cases where insured may be covered with a basic plan. Based on the coverage type, insurer might approve the bill for the water damage or for the subsequent mold removal.
Does it Insure Pest?
Big disasters not just ruin your home, but pest are also likely to wreak havoc. But, these pests often aren’t insured by the best home insurance policy online. Usually, home owners don’t discover the damage until the problem is pretty serious. Those who are ready to pay some extra premium may own additional coverage to secure themselves against pests like mice, bed bugs etc.
How much is my rebuilding cost?
Many people commit the mistake of buying inadequate insurance to insure the house. Here, customers should know that there is a huge difference your home’s current value and it’s rebuild value. So, do not forget to consider what your rebuilding value will be and most insurance service providers guide you to do the same.
Does the home insurance offer liability cover?
The best plan not only covers your house but protects your family members as well if any of them gets injured while on your property. Hence, insurance advisors suggest you to ask about liability coverage while finalizing a homeowner’s policy India.
Who will pay if I need to live somewhere else while the house is destroyed?
If a disaster situation forces you to stay away from your house, then you could end up paying high amount of money on hotel bills during the home is being rebuilt. Many home insurance policies will cover all or some of these expenses, but there is a limit on these costs.