Beware of Hoax While Buying the Insurance Plan

It is being seen that policy buyers usually get intrigued by the fancy words of the influencer while making the decision about their insurance plan. At the time of claim, they realize that they were cheated in the entire process. We see vulnerable people fall for tricks or fraudsters just out of ignorance or looking for different ways to earn something additional. Apparently seen, people get fake calls when anonymous person pretends to be insurance agency or IRDA agent. These mock agents offer people the plans to start their racket with.
Having known your complete name, address and name of the insurance company you have invested with, it is quite easy to draw out your policy number and other crucial details which can be misused by these fraudsters. They manipulate people through call and make people believe on what they are saying. However, people who are dissatisfied with their investment and are really desperate to get their policy funds back are on the high priority in the list of these fraudsters.
These fake callers can easily manipulate people and make them give away their hard-earned money to them. They may offer insureds bonus of a particular amount only if insureds invest or give some amount to fraudster’s company. More often than not, these tricksters are observed to attack or fool vulnerable people who can be easily manipulated. They call these people pretending to be IRDA representatives and promise to help them to get these people’s stuck money in the insurance policy bought in the past. However, they ask these insureds to invest or pay them for this service.
Apparently, these cheaters are seen stating that they will submit your cheque towards your insurance premium payment for a particular policy. Past incidents manifest that many times insureds hand over signed cheques to these fraudsters after getting fascinated by their convincing skills and end up realizing that they have never paid their insurance premium and feel cheated by knowing that they own a policy which is of no use to them.
It’s all about your cleverness how you recognize the cheater behind the masked or fake agent talking to you. You always beware of these fraudsters and protect your hard-earned money. There are many things which you need to know and understand to stay away from such scams.
Firstly, keep in mind that IRDA is a supreme national agency in insurance arena which works to safeguard the interest of the policyholders. It doesn’t call policyholders individually and doesn’t sell any kind of financial or insurance services.
When it comes to buying any financial service or product, everything should be in black & white with minute details. One of the copies of these legal documents should always be kept with buyer.
Never ever give away your cash to anybody without proper documentation or receipt. Moreover, you will need to pay back for signing on blank sheet or awkward blank spaced paper. Never ever sign the documents without proper understanding of the coverage, inclusion, exclusion, claim process, terms and conditions.
Do your pre-purchase study while buying the insurance policy. Check the credentials of the insurer, its claim settlement and representatives. It is highly advised not go through any unauthorized source. IRDA license number and its validity should also be checked. Notices or any other communication from your insurer should also be given equal importance.