Checking your affordability and need for insurance

Insurance is the thing people more often than not frown upon. However, people keep questioning whether it is really needed. If answer goes positive then whether I carry the need for it. Undoubtedly, these are anticipated queries which people put forth whenever come across Insurance. Insurance is all about protecting self and loved ones from uncertain contingencies where affordability doesn’t stand firm.
Having insurance is not decision of choice but of circumstances. Upward pointing graph of lifestyle diseases, critical illnesses, elevated hospital bills and inflation can leave you empty pocket. So is the situation, your children losing out educational opportunities, losing our funding opportunities in later days after retirement etc. Remember! Life is vulnerable to uncertainties. Though, people think that they are invincible as per natural human psychology. They think life contingencies would never happen to them. Moreover, suffering from the ignorance, people get skeptical about this insurance concept.
While measuring the affordability or economy of buying insurance, most of the buyers forget that they do not have the means to recuperate from large setback in life without a sound financial backing, hence the need for insurance. Further explaining affordability, people lavishly spend Rs.2000-3000/- on food or other entertainment every day where they can safeguard themselves and their loved ones with the same paying the same amount per month. There are insurance plans which protect you, your family, assets and other possessions at Rs-25/- per day. What else one wants? Undoubtedly, out of rigorous competition companies are also coming up with tailor-made plan suiting buyer’s pocket and needs. This manifests the economy of buying insurance. Online insurance buying further lessen the cost of the plan as it directly goes to the buyer from insurer without any mediator.
We must understand one thing that insurance is solely for the purpose of protection. It safeguards you and your family from uncertain eventualities.