False promises: one of the biggest hidden expressions of the insurance agent. Is it really so?

Insurance agent is an integral part and indivisible aspect of an insurance buying process which insured usually frowns upon. Generally, insurance agents possess command over the language and communication, furthermore, the prowess of convincing potential customers to sign the documents and purchase the policy. Nevertheless, insured gets blown away with agent’s fancy words without going through the policy documents and understanding the policy thoroughly but when it comes to claiming, insured feels cheated.
In-depth info and minute details should be checked and understood
Information is the boss. One must go through the policy documents to understand the policy extensively. As far as health insurance is concerned, one must check the network hospitals list, diseases covered, limits, whether it covers hospital bills or not etc. One must be clear about personal requirement and accordingly select the policy gratifying his / her needs after understanding the minute details about it.
Exclusions should be considered
The concept of insurance policy revolves around premium. Insurance is a kind of investment where insured considers payment of the premium and returns of the same. While considering this, insured should not ignore the exclusions. This is the most important aspect of getting yourself with a perfect plan as per your needs. This is a value driven aspect which will make you understand the policy and create value for money.
Insurance agents create illusions
As explained in the beginning, insurance agent owns the skill to fascinate the potential customers by using handsome words, adjectives and jargons. While explaining the policy insurance agent uses such attractive language to blow away the customer but the truth may differ what one has been explained in the sales pitch. Talking about health insurance, one may be promised the OPD assistance such as dental care, high end diagnostic test etc. which one hardly uses and ends up paying high premiums for the same.
Attempt to achieve the target with heavy commission
We all need to keep in mind that insurance agent is just a salesman who has been assigned a particular target. Moreover, an urge to get the heavy commission, insurance agent does rigorous follow up and pursue one policy after another. Insured doesn’t come to know the percentage commission agent is earning behind each successfully sold policy. All above, agent will never disclose the percentage of the premium insurance companies are taking from the insured as processing fees. One should keep these surcharges as less as possible to make the smarter investment.
Understanding the claim settlement process
It has been strongly observed that people usually make blunder to settle their claims because of incomplete information from the agent and lack of knowledge. Insurance agent will never help you to clear your hung claims as agent has nothing to do with your policy once successfully sold. This process will be carried out as per company’s clauses and standard procedures. It is highly advisable to ask the agent about claim settlement ratio of the insurance agency to evaluate the same after comparing it with other insurance companies. This way one can easily calculate the efficiency of the insurance company.