7 Point Check List while Buying Car Insurance

When you decide to buy a vehicle, the decision will always be special. So, do this task with proper planning because it also needs your hard-earned money. Prepare a excel sheet, comparing mileage, features, color details available in the list of models person is planning to buy and the works.

The obsession level may be high, but care a lot while finalizing a deal. Majority of people have a tendency that they pay maximum attention in zeroing in on the vehicle, but they never pay much focus towards the car insurance policy in India.

In fact, when it comes to policy renewal, probably the case is same. Insurance professionals suggest vehicle owners to pay enough attention while selecting the best car insurance plan online.

Below are 7 tips which will help buyers to make the correct decision about car insurance:

  1. Every insurer differently rates each brand of vehicles based on customers’ statistical analyses, claim history etc. Insurance companies in India update these ratings frequently; hence online comparison of similar products from various insurers is essential to get a better rate. But, ‘price’ is not the only factor customers should be looking for while selecting auto insurance coverage.
  2. Today, comparing and purchasing vehicle insurance policies become easier, faster and affordable. Buyers can get the policy issued immediately and can access it at one place.
  3. It is advisable to select an insurer which has a wide network of garages and offers cashless claims. It is the most convenient way for policyholders.
  4. Choose an insurer that has best claim settlement ratio as well as easy claim procedures. Just go online and then do a quick search about preferred insurance companies in India.
  5. Do not forget to select the correct add-ons for your vehicle as it helps to offer sufficient coverage for insured vehicle based on your individual requirements. Zero depreciation cover and no claim bonus protection are some of the most popular add-ons available on online car insurance policies India.
  6. Understand all the inclusions and exclusions related to the plan, so insured will not be surprise at the time claims.
  7. The best insurance service provider is the one that helps customers to find the best policy, give timely renewal reminders and guide through claim settlement processes.

Do not forget that choosing the right policy is very much important because it will help policyholders to secure their expensive purchase, a car without burning a big hole in your pocket.

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