Consequences of Not Buying Motor Insurance

Consider a scenario in which auto owner do not own motor insurance and meet with an accident. It is a very dangerous situation not only for auto owner but for his family as well. He or she may experience many problems related to health and money.

Driving a vehicle without legal auto insurance is a serious crime. Even if accident is not your fault, you may get zapped. Below are some consequences all vehicle owners will have to know when they get involved into accident without proper insurance coverage:

License Suspension

In case of accident, if auto owner meet with several damages, his or her license will get suspended for specific days based on damages.


Vehicle owners have to pay huge amount of money as fines for damages incurred in accidents. The charges based on various factors such as vehicle type, damage intensity etc.


In the accident, if a person is injured very badly and you are responsible for that, the other party will definitely sue you for those damages. In such a case, you have to pay for the injuries as well as for the damages which occur to the other party. The damage may involve medical bills, property damage, sufferings and pain, loss of enjoyment in life and loss of wages and so on.

Buy Vehicle Insurance

Purchase online motor insurance because it helps in above mentioned situations and auto owner will also avail the benefits like defense and indemnification. These protections are important in the event of an accident.

Under indemnification, insurance company in India will pay for the losses incur during an accident and if auto insurance policyholder is at fault. But, in case the damages are more than the policy limits, then insured persons have to pay from their own pocket.


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