How Add on Covers Enhance Car Insurance

How Add on Covers Enhance Car Insurance: Car insurance in India is must to own a vehicle and there are so many factors that affect auto owners directly or indirectly in this age of growing needs. Nowadays, basic car insurance is not always enough and hence, add-on covers become necessary. Below is a list of common add-on covers provided by Indian car insurance companies:

Zero Depreciation

It is one of the general add-on covers bought by auto owners because it makes sure that policyholder can get a complete claim on the value of parts replaced after an incident. Usually, Indian car insurance companies provide this coverage only for around three years from the vehicle purchase date.

Road Assistance

These covers enable basic services during emergencies while a person is driving through a remote area or a location devoid of any assistance or service centers.

Under this car insurance in India, almost everything is covered, from an empty tank to a flat tire and batter related issues. People who opt for such covers can easily avail accommodation and tax benefits, fuel assistance when got stuck in a remote location.

Engine and Electronic Circuit Cover

It gives security against the electronic circuit and the engine, especially in case of flooding. This policy is the best way to cover expensive auto repairs and circuit replacements, which get damaged easily and cost a fortune. It can come in really handy during water-logging situations.

Return to Invoice

Under this add-on, the policyholder can receive the complete value of the vehicle in case it gets completely damaged due to accident or any other reasons. The major benefit of this policy is that the auto owners get complete reimbursements, without five percent depreciation.

No Claim Bonus Retention

This add-on is like a reward for not filing any claim in the last few years. Generally, people buy car insurance coverage and renew it each year without fail.

Personal Accident Cover

This cover includes the auto owner, the paid driver or both based on the insurer. A person is entitled to a 100 percent claim for death or permanent loss of limbs only in case of an owner-driver.

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