How to Reduce Car Insurance Premium

Are you paying more for your car insurance in India and want to save more on premium? Then, you reach the right place.

Auto owners can decrease car insurance premium by increasing the deductible amount, which is the money paid by auto owner when he or she file a claim. However, don’t go overboard and it is advisable to pay only as much as auto owner can afford.

In case person fails to pay huge vehicle expenses, the purpose of buying insurance policy is defeated. As general insurance is renewable every year, so begin with a low deductible amount and then increase it later, only if auto owner can afford it.

In case person buy car insurance coverage and don’t file a claim, then he will be eligible to get a no-claim bonus for every claim-free year. As the main purpose of this policy is to cover all damages to insured vehicle, so avoid making a claim for small repairs such as a broken tail light, damaged bumper etc.

In fact, taking damage vehicle to the local mechanic will make sure that car is repaired at low costs. No claim bonus can decrease premium by a maximum of around 50 percent only if policyholder don’t make any claim for a few years.

Do not make a claim in case the money spent on damage repairs is lower as compared to the no-claim bonus which auto owner can accumulate potentially.

Remember that car insurance coverage is linked to the auto owner, not to the vehicle. So, accumulated no-claim bonus can be shifted to the new vehicle which policyholders buy. Retain the insurance in your name when you sell the covered vehicle to avail car insurance benefits.

Collect no-claim certificate from the insurer for your car insurance in India and retain bonus even if auto owner is not buying a new vehicle immediately. This bonus can be shifted with around three years of terminating the insurance plan.

Insurers provide online covers, so compare online auto insurance quotes offered by different Indian car insurance companies to make sure you get the best deal. Last but not the least, install advanced safety features such as anti-theft alarm, gear lock etc in a car to beat the increasing auto thefts in the country.

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