Mediclaim Policy for Senior Citizens

Everyone is expected to be the happiest during his or her golden years. Senior citizens need extra security and care for their health when they enter in that phase. Buying a mediclaim policy online becomes necessary as senior citizens are more susceptible to different medical conditions. Always consider your needs and budget while selecting the best mediclaim plan amongst the different policies provided by several insurance companies.
Customers must undergo a mentioned pre-acceptance health checkup at their own cost to know about pre-existing diseases if any. The health checkup is waived only if the insured person is having mediclaim insurance already in continuity with the same insurance company in India.
• Eligibility
Any Indian senior citizen aged between 60 and 80 can buy this mediclaim policy. If you renew this plan without a break, then the cover may be continued up to age 90.
• Coverage
Senior citizen mediclaim policy gives below mentioned coverage like:
Ambulance charges
Hospitalization expenses incurred for the treatment of injury or illness
Limited hospitalization cover in government and/or network Ayurvedic/homeopathic and Unani hospitals
Pre- and post-hospitalization bills up to certain days
Here, you will also have to note that pre-existing diseases are insured only after specific period of uninterrupted insurance with the same insurance company.
Pre-existing diseases such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus and its complications are covered after certain period of continuous insurance but only on payment of additional premium.
• Exclusions
This policy excludes below mentioned expenses:
Cosmetic surgery
Pregnancy & child birth
Vaccination & inoculation
War, Act of foreign enemy, nuclear weapon and ionizing radiation
Sexually transmitted diseass and HIV
Diseases contracted within 30 days of insurance
Debility and General Run Down Conditions
Dental treatment except treatment leading because of accident
• Features
Income Tax Benefit under Section 80D of IT Act
Reimbursement of Medical checkup cost once in block of some claims free years
• Claim Procedure
Claims are administrated by Third Party Administrator and can be paid directly to the hospital or as reimbursement, at the policyholder’s option.