How to File a Fast Claim after an Accident

How to File a Fast Claim after an Accident: Every car insurance holder should know how to file a car insurance claim as quickly as possible. In case policyholder has been involved in any type of road accident, then he or she needs to report properly so that insured person can easily get the insurance coverage you need.

Below are some of the tips to file a fast claim after an accident:
Everything needs to be documented. When an accident occurs, it is important to click pictures of any injury or damage and then document the accident details in writing.

Contact your auto insurance service providers directly by telephone. Calling an insurer helps to fax or email a letter which includes all the accident details to file a claim expediently. In case an accident has cost you lost time and wages at work, it’s necessary to document this detail in order to submit it to the insurer. Ensure that you have all copies of work and wage-related details. Maintain a personal record on file and then submit a copy to your insurer.

Call your insurance service provider and get his help to fill a claim application. Most auto insurance premiums won’t rise after a claim has been made. Many times, the insurer will immediately process a claim over a call. Some insurance companies in India offer online claim submission service which uses an automated procedure to file.

Get an estimate for any damage to your covered vehicle with the help of insurer. The insurance company may refer you to a network garage to use for an inspection.

Listen all details carefully in order to facilitate the inspection procedure. After inspection, a claim adjuster will review all the details, vehicle damage and witness statements etc to find who is at fault. The insurer only restores your motor to the condition that it was in before the incident. It clearly means that in case of car is damaged in an accident, then you’re not going to get a brand-new vehicle from the insurer.