Your approach to sustain eventualities can also create magic

Oh, my uncle just survived of grievous accident and thanks to his accident cover which got him the best treatment without spending a single penny on his medication. Yes, carrying an accident cover is imperative these days as accident ratio is enormously increasing year after year with increasing vehicles on the road; so is the mortality rate. One must understand the concept of Health Insurance and Accident Cover.
You will get paid off for all the ailments and hospitalization expenses through Health Insurance. Taking it further, your accident cover undoubtedly, pays you for your medication, moreover, you will get paid off every week to run your weekly expenses out of disablement which makes you incapable to attend work and earn your bread for particular span. Accident cover is a broad concept which benefits nominee or beneficiaries in case of accidental death of the policyholder. Nominee receives the sum assured in such cases. Furthermore, Accidental Cover also pays for expenses incurred in transportation of dead body from hospital to policyholder’s house & funeral expenses etc. Whereas, your Health Insurance will only cover your medical expenses with hospitalization.
Undoubtedly Health Insurance is as important as Accident Cover, nevertheless, your presence of mind and your approach in particular situation will also get you out of excess cash outflow. Dr. Ramachandradu, a resident of Puducherry manifests the same. Dr. Ramchandradu met up with an accident while returning to home from hospital on his bike at night when a car came and bang at his bike in Cuddalore in May 2011. He suffered severe head injury with fracture to his arm. He was first taken to Arupadai Veedu Medical College hospital in Puducherry and then to the JIPMER.
Running through heavy medical expenses, Dr. Ramachandradu filed a case at the additional sub-court in Cuddalore against the car owner and the New India insurance company seeking compensation. The court analyzed Doctor Ramachandradu’s condition and ordered the insurance company to give Rs. 1.52 crore as compensation as Doctor could not continue his profession. This compensation included the interest of 7.5% for the period between the date on which the case was filed and the date on which the compensation amount was given.
Having said that Health insurance as well as personal accident cover are imperative for every individual, however, we can see Dr. Ramachandradu’s case as an example to learn how to capitalize on third party liabilities when other driver is at fault and get rid of all the expenses eating out your pocket having no reason.