Reasons to Buy HDFC Life Click2Protect Term Insurance Plan

The battle of low premium insurance still continues in the field of Online Term Insurance. And to stay in this war, HDFC Life launched Click2Protect Online Term Insurance Plan.

This policy grabs everyone’s attention because of two facts, first it belongs to a reputed business company and second, it is cheaper being an online term plan. It is designed to target tech-savvy and young people.

In the market, online term plans are more in demand. We’re all aware that, this insurance is not the cheapest online term plan, but it has Highest Settlement Claim Ratio at present as compared to other online term insurance players.

The maximum sum assured is Rs 10 crore while the minimum is 10 lacs. The person who wants to purchase this policy should have age between 18-65. The tenure of Click2Protect is 10/15/20/25 and 30 years. During this tenure, a policyholder has to pay premium amount once in a year.

Its major advantage is that insurer get looking period up to 30 days that means if the person is not completely satisfied with the terms, then he/she can return it within 30 days of purchasing date.

A person will get the refund after deduction of stamp duty and medical expenses. This leading insurance company is also providing 30 days grace period from the premium payment date. You may feel shocked to know that the minimum premium of this policy will be Rs 2000/- only.

Do not worry about the premium payment date because the insurance support team will remind you about it. And if you are worried about the location, then also relax as it is available in around 750 cities in India.

This policy has been introduced a few months back and created a lot of buzz in the insurance sector. Buyers are impressed with its strong business and financial practices. So, I am sure HDFC Life will take care of their clients. Buying HDFC Click2Protect online term insurance plan is really worth a lot.

It may not be the BEST plan to buy, but it is a good choice if you still don’t have a reliable term insurance. Most people prefer to purchase this policy due to its affordable rate, less paperwork, no riders, hassle-free medical tests and a user-friendly website.

As a company is not having any agents, so you need to finish the whole process. To know the status of your application, the service provider serves you their toll-free numbers.

With this post, we have shared small yet helpful tips to cover some part of insurance guide. In the future, we will post more insurance-related information.