Travel insurance is must when people go away on family vacation. Even if person is going on a single holiday this year, then also it is advisable to purchase single trip holiday insurance online.

However, even in case travelers remember to buy this insurance, there are a number of common mistakes many policyholders commit. But, don’t be one of them and hence, people need to avoid below mentioned common mistakes:

Hiding pre-existing conditions from an insurer

It is one of the most common mistakes people make while buying single trip travel insurance. Insurance companies in India have a different description of what constitutes a pre-existing condition, but it is a basic condition buyers already know about before purchasing policies.

Pre-existing conditions could cause health issues during traveling and it affects the decision of an insurer whether to accept a claim or not. So, policyholder may end up without cover in case he fails to get medical attention. If person is not having any coverage, then remember to check with insurance company in India. Be truthful about any medical conditions you may have.

Fail to Get Coverage for Emergencies

Every single trip holiday insurance policy is slightly different from each other. Based on features, needs and costs, travelers need to select the plan and make everything insured during holiday.

Fail to Own Cover for Risky Activities

Sometimes, people may feel that all sports activities are insured under this plan, but it is true only in some cases. Activities like bungee jumping, scuba diving etc contains high risk level and hence, these activities are not getting covered on travel insurance online. Person may need to buy a separate coverage for these sports.

In case person is traveling with expensive valuables, then don’t consider that they are covered. Check the policy details and make sure what is covered. Those who want to make a claim will often have to pay an excess. Buy a family cover instead of purchasing a separate plan for everyone because it costs less.

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