Difference between Single and Annual Trip Travel Insurance

If travelers truly want to protect themselves against any kind of financial losses during their traveling, then travel insurance in India online is necessary to buy. When you read online travel insurance reviews of a desired product, you come to know about its usability.

It covers financial losses incurred by interruption or cancellation, delays, damaged or lost property, accidents and illness, in addition to a host of other real, but often unforeseeable, events.

But, first time buyers need to know which selection is correct for them in the long run and also get an idea about different travel insurance services. Below mentioned benefits and disadvantages of both while comparing both types of policies:


Like any other purchase, there’s a specific economy scale present in the travel insurance business. At the same time, people want to save money as well as want the best deal. Hence, it is very much important to clearly identify what they require from a plan in order to decide whether annual travel or single trip holiday insurance is suitable for them. Nowadays, many travel insurance service providers offer a feature of online calculators for customers, so that they can calculate premiums.

Annual plan covers various trips over the course of a year and policyholder end up paying a lower wholesale cost than to what they would pay in total for several.


Opting for a coverage which suits best to policyholder’s requirements is a very important step when it comes to buying travel insurance in India. Generally, an annual policy offers the same benefits for multiple trips, which makes it suitable for those that are somewhat mundane and repetitive in nature, like business trips to satellite offices abroad.

However, in case person travels to different places for pleasure seeking diverse experience each time, then single travel insurance which can made to fulfill individual requirements of a policyholder may be the correct decision.


Convenience is another factor on which buyers need to focus while purchasing travel insurance. Convenience is of premium importance, especially for those who are traveling frequently to various locations for business purpose.

In case person plans several trips over the course of a year and his coverage needs significantly do not change from trip to trip, preferring an annual policy that can save lots of efforts and time with regards to paperwork and negotiating.

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