Difference between Student Travel Insurance and Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is an important part of any journey because it offers coverage for unfortunate incidents which may occur when travelers are on their tours either for business purpose or on personal vacation.

Student travel insurance is a type of insurance, where students who go abroad for higher studies are insured. But, some clauses of these two insurance types are common. Still, there are some major differences between basic travel insurance and student travel insurance.

The earlier type is purchased by a traveler before going on a vacation. The insurance company in India promises to pay the policyholder a sum assured in case the insured person is experienced with a financial or medical emergency.

Student travel insurance is made to support and insure students who want to study abroad. It offers coverage for misfortunate occurrences, from loss of passport to instant medical assistance. Generally, student travel insurance includes evacuation and medical expenses, repatriation costs etc.

The insurance has a provision for emergency dental treatment. It offers tuition fee payment when there is a study interruption because of hospitalization. This insurance product reimburses the tuition fees in case policyholder is forced to discontinue his studies because of family member’s death, terminal illness etc.

It sponsors the tickets and stay of one family member when the policyholder needs hospitalization for more than around 7 days. Student travel insurance compensates for loss of baggage, loss of passport and baggage delay.

It pays the remaining tuition fees for the policyholder in case the sponsor dies during the term period. The difference in features clearly shows that both the plans are dissimilar.

Buying student travel insurance online is almost a necessity, especially when going abroad for higher studies. A person between the ages of 16-35 can avail of such a policy. On the other hand, the unfortunate events are insured under a travel insurance policy that can happen to anyone.

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