Going Abroad for Higher Studies? Buy Overseas Student Travel Insurance

Going abroad to pursue higher studies is a dream which majority of students would confess to having. Hence, when you have got the chance to study abroad, it makes sense to concentrate on your target. Buying online student travel insurance helps you to be prepared for potential health risks, unanticipated hazards and accidents. Below are some of the reasons why people who want to travel abroad for higher studies should buy this policy:
Some people think that their individual health insurance will cover the medical issues automatically for a traveler abroad. But, it is not true in case of illness or injury. Basic medical expenses which are covered under a healthcare plan may have some policy limitations and hence, insured has to pay for a major section of the expenses. On the other hand, overseas student travel insurance gives complete coverage for medical costs at really affordable rates.
Sometimes, students extend their trip or visit nearby destinations before coming back to their homeland. Under such situations, the trip-only policies expire on the schedule date, but it can be extended further in case of a long-term plan. So, carefully plan your trip, analyze the location of study and consider your immediate plans after the course. Insurance experts suggest opting for long term student travel insurance online which can be renewed online easily.
Many insurance companies in India provide coverage for short trips to home which students often make. Generally, it is useful when you might seek medical support when you have landed on your homeland. If you avoid buying this coverage, then an accident or unanticipated emergency at your home may create huge financial burden for you.
Things to Consider Before Buying a Plan:
Usually, medical expenses are incurred by the patient’s location and condition. If student is traveling in a destination with common health issues, then pay special attention for coverage in a policy. In various countries, medical facilities are offered by the academic institutions under the sponsorship program.
Common Exclusions in Overseas Student Travel Insurance
Injuries or accidents caused under the influence of alcohol or drugs
Loss because of depression or other mental health issues
Coming back to homeland for availing medical facilities
Accidents caused due to extreme behavior or personal risks
Pre-existing medical illnesses