Importance of Travel Insurance for Business Travelers

Many individuals travel outside India very frequently just for business purpose. While packing for a business trip, people can remember to take shoes, best shirts, important business documents etc but forget about their protection.
A domestic or international tour possesses different risks like loss of business document or passport, flight delay, medical emergency etc. If you are a regular business traveler, then you must buy the best travel insurance plan. Below are some reasons why travel insurance is important for business travelers:
  • Assistance & Cover while Medical Emergencies
Travel insurance successfully handles medical emergencies abroad and also covered everything for you, including the cost of medical treatments only if the disease did not exist before the travel started.
  • Cover for Flight Delay
Flight delay due to connecting flight delay, flash strikes by Airlines’ employees, bad weather, and technical snag etc. Travelers can easily tolerate short delays but sometimes delay may be more than 10 hours and may create an inconvenience to business travelers.
Travel insurance policies provide reimbursement in case of no other travel arrangement is possible. These insurance products exclude negligence of travel agent or delay because of failure to check in time by traveler.
  • Cover for Legal Liability
If traveler faces any kind of legal liabilities because of injury or death of a third party or damage or loss of third party’s property, then situations become difficult to handle. Travel insurance gives assistance during legal emergencies abroad when you are at no fault. Insurer appoints an attorney to manage the legal formalities and also reimburse the cost for the same.
  • Cover for Baggage Loss/Delay
Delay or loss of baggage is the common issue which international travelers can face. But, travel insurance offers adequate coverage for loss of travel documents, delay of luggage or loss of baggage.