How to Make Your Vacation Safe with Travel Insurance

Generally, hospitalization expenses are much higher overseas as compared to the cost in India. In this situation, traveler is best supported by the right travel insurance in India online.

People should plan wisely and take extra care by insuring themselves under travel plan. It is advisable to read travel insurance reviews of desired products to make a fruitful decision. Below are some guidelines which customers need to follow while buying a travel insurance online:

Travel Duration

More travel duration means policyholders have to pay more insurance premiums. Frequent flyers better opt for multi-trip policy to save some money. Generally, these policies are valid for a year and cover insured person for many trips to abroad where duration of each trip will be around 45 days.

Travel Destination

Travel destination is the main reason for purchasing a travel insurance plan online. If medical cost is expensive, then premium is higher. In case visiting countries which are prone to natural disasters such as floods, earth-quake; then travelers may have to pay more.

Senior Citizens

Those who are above 65 years can opt for a plan which has coverage pre-existing illness in certain situations, dismemberment or accidental death.

Travel itinerary

Travelers can opt for any basic travel insurance in India only if travel itinerary includes eat, sightseeing and sleep. On the other hand, if itinerary includes adventurous and thrilling experiences such as skiing, water sports etc; then analyze the coverage customers want to opt for. Ask for special cover for such tasks by paying additional premiums.

Travel Insurance Services

In case of loss of baggage, travelers will be reimbursed with the amount for the purchase policyholders have made, once insured person follow all the necessary claim procedures.

Also, travel insurance service provider will reimburse the expenses incurred while obtaining duplicate passport or other travel related documents. Costs covered under this policy are charges paid to Indian Embassy, attestation fees, conveyance charges and photograph charges. Sometimes, travel insurance service providers also provide add-ons such as fire and burglary insurance for traveler’s house till the time he is traveling. In case person is traveling to more than one destination in a single trip, then some policies also give cover for ‘desired connection’.

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