Six Travel Insurance Facts

Irrespective of whether person is a tourist or a traveler, there are a few things people need to consider before planning a holiday. Travel insurance in India is one among them.
But, like all other insurance plans, travel insurance is available with a wide range of jargons such as inclusions, exclusions and terms and conditions. These factors play an important role while deciding travel insurance premium. Travelers need to keep few factors in mind while making the task of selecting the right coverage.


Two types of travel insurance policies are available in the Indian insurance market. Multi-trip travel insurance is designed for frequent travelers and some multi-trip travel insurance plans differ on annual basis.
As compared to a single travel policy, it is more economical for a frequent traveler. Single travel insurance works best for those who travel very rarely.
It is the most important factor which insurance buyer should know while buying travel insurance in India. Financial experts say that insurance policy is necessary if person is going for international trips.
Personal Content
Loss of baggage is included under this policy and this cover is essential to insure valuable gadgets such as tablets, laptops, cameras, iphones and ipads.
Medical Insurance
Do no forget that medical expenses are really expensive internationally and could create a big role in traveler’s pocket. Medical insurance offers cashless hospitalization worldwide and also takes care of daily hospital allowances, hospital bills, dental relief, emergency sickness, emergency medical evacuation and medical bills and so on.
Travel Inconvenience
It includes trip delays, trip curtailments, missed connections and trip cancellation. Therefore, people don’t require worrying about expenses of delays or rebooking and cancellation.
In case person is traveling with his entire family, then group travel insurance will be more beneficial. Many travel plans do not include adventure sports like river rafting, paragliding, mount climbing etc. Therefore, in case person plans to enjoy any adventure sports, then make sure to hold some suitable cover as well.
Some plans help to extend travel insurance services for up to a maximum of one year. It is an extension of additional 180 days. It means in case policyholder’s trip is extended, and then he don’t need to purchase a separate plan, but just extend it.

Travel Insurance