Top 5 Facts to be considered before Buying Travel Insurance Online

If you travel without sufficient travel insurance coverage, then you will be lost financially. Travelers should not forget that there are various things which can go worst while traveling. For example, health issues can arise, flight cancellation or delays, stolen luggage etc. Buying travel insurance online India helps to cover such risks as well as compensates the insured for loss arising due to unforeseen events during the journey.

In fact, insurance experts suggest travelers to buy one, especially during foreign trips. In the Indian insurance market, a wide range of plans are available. But, do not forget to read finer details before selecting a policy. Below are top 5 facts to be considered before purchasing a travel insurance plan online:

Inclusions and Exclusions

Initially, all plans may look similar, but the finer information like exclusion and inclusion can create a vast difference. For instance, health insurance while overseas travel is a necessary component. Generally, it offers compensation for loss of luggage, loss of important documents and flight delays or cancellation. Disabilities or accidental death because of accidents is not covered by all policies.

Duration Coverage

Based on your trip duration, customers can select from an annual multi-trip policy or a single trip travel insurance policy. Remember to check how many consecutive days abroad will be insured under the plan. The frequency of travel should help you to choose the correct policy type. In fact, some plans give a feature of extending the plan in case the trip duration gets extended. Selecting coverage with this feature can support in saving premiums.

Destination Coverage

Travel insurance companies in India provide plans which may have certain geographical coverage or global coverage. Selecting a plan with global coverage is much better as it has no risk of rejection. But, it may has exceptions and sub-clauses too. Customers should know that sub-limits on the coverage amount are different for different locations.

Extent of Coverage

When you buy a policy, check how much will be the coverage for each person. It means there will be a limit on the claims filed based on what is being claimed. Generally, there is a pre-set coverage amount assigned for the different benefits. Evaluate which policy suits your needs the best and then select the one that provides the maximum coverage extent.

Pre-existing Health Conditions

Usually, insurance companies in India do not offer coverage for insured’s pre-existing health conditions. However, some insurers give coverage with specific conditions. Insured is necessary to declare the pre-existing medical conditions while buying online travel insurance India. Always disclose all the details related to health at the buying stage to avoid any type of hassle in the long run.

Today, traveling without adequate travel insurance coverage is a big risk. Compare various options available online and then choose the one that offers the most appropriate coverage.

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