5 Steps to get a Better Car Insurance Deal

Generally, two in five of car insurance policyholders think about changing a policy or an insurance service provider when policy renewal time arrives. You can easily save some handsome amount of money only if you compare online motor insurance quotes. Below are few simple steps to get a better deal on vehicle insurance online:

Look for the Best Cover, Not for the Low Cost
While comparing online quotes, people should be clear in mind that you are searching for the best plan and not just looking for the least expensive policy. Online comparison is the best way to get the best rate for the right plan that meets your needs. It shows which insurance products include extras. But, opt for the policy that gives high level of protection which you actually require.

Never Increase the Excess:
Growing your excess may make a car insurance policy affordable, but it can be risky. Hence, do not increase the excess to an amount insured would struggle to pay in the future.

Check Around Other Insurance Companies in India:
As not all insurance companies in India list their names on quotes comparison websites, so customers won’t be able to compare their products in single go. It can be worth getting a car insurance quote from their website directly.

Add Someone to the Plan:
Including an additional driver especially a more experienced one to your vehicle insurance policy can surely bring the coverage cost down. But, do not mention him as the main driving person in a plan.

Stay Away From Assumptions, Be Sure!
When a person is comparing online car insurance quotes offered by different insurance companies in India, he or she will definitely make some assumptions. But, it’s totally depending on you to make sure these assumptions are right. Carefully read the policy document so that you’re very much clear on what assumptions have been made.

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