How to Find the Best Health Insurance

Health insurance in India is must for all because medical emergencies can strike at anytime and anywhere.

When expensive medical bills are ready to destroy your savings, family health insurance is the best thing to have as it gives peace of mind by providing much needed financial support. Those who are searching for a mediclaim policy should consider few important points which are mentioned below:

Policyholders need to pay premium amount based on policy type as well as on variant. But, customers need to find out the amount the insurer will cover in case of medical treatment. If medical bills exceed this amount, policyholders will have to pay the difference.

Some health insurance companies in India will not pay for regular checkups. If possible, always check whether the insurer allows insuring all expenses. Carefully read the fine print of policy document and do not forget to go through their FAQs for a better understanding.

Ask your insurance service provider what happens in case you don’t make any health insurance claims in the particular policy tenure. You may find some important information if you read the documents carefully.

Some insurance companies in India give rise in the benefits amounts or reduce in the regular health insurance premium in case of a claim-free year. If policyholder’s job sends him or her abroad every month, then it is advisable to buy travel insurance online.

In this scenario, do not only depend on health insurance in India because most insurance products do not insure international travel. Those who travel a lot should buy at least a single plan which will cover international health issues.

Find out whether you will have to clear the hospitals bills first and then be reimbursed later or whether the insurer provides a cashless hospitalization benefit. In case insurer will reimburse all the medical expenses, then it shouldn’t be an issue unless policyholder can’t get all the money on time.

Check health insurance cost by using online premium calculators for your desired products. Getting online quotes is useful to select a product that best fits your budget. Then, perform health insurance comparison to know whether your needs are fulfilled by a chosen policy or not

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