Rajasthan to Launch Health Insurance Yojna on December 2015

Peeping through the high paced propaganda through strategic alliances and stiff penetration in the market, Insurance has been in high demand. People are realizing the value and need for it. Empathized the same, Central and State Government are introducing tailor-made insurance plans suiting people across the sections of the society; consequently, taking masses under the secured shelter. Nevertheless, taking it forward Rajasthan government will launch an ambitious and much awaited ‘ health insurance yojna ’ (HIY) in December 2015. This Plan will comprise of cashless medical facility for the public with insurance cover up to Rs. 3 Lakh per family.
Mrs. Vasundhara Raje, Chief Minister, Jaipur unveiled the plan and agenda behind this. However, the pre-trial of the plan was taken on 26th October wherein out of this successful trial the Yojna will be launched on 13th December with positive reviews from Medical and Health Department, Jaipur. Beneficiaries would be selected on the basis of Aadhar Card or Ration card. Solicitation has been made to health officials to take up this task as a mission and popularize it to the extreme corner of the state.
While introducing the Yojna, Medical and Health Minister R. S. Rathore explained this plan in short. As explained by Minister Rathore, this plan will extend cashless medical facilities to public with coverage up to Rs.  30000 per family for seasonal diseases and up to 3 Lakh for serious diseases.  Furthermore he explained that the state government would spend Rs.300 cr every year on one crore families on their health insurance
With this much awaited Yojna, Rajsthan government is trying to extend the insurance umbrella across the sections of the society. More often than not, insurance is a monopoly of higher middle class but after introducing HIY, middle class strata is undoubtedly going to be benefitted with cashless ailments.