Tips to Claim Health Insurance with Ease

There are many advantages have been mentioned in a health insurance but it needs the policyholder to run around for the claim procedure. To decrease the running around, it’s necessary to know the basic conditions mentioned in the insurance policy.

It is the best way to keep aside the hassles of both pre- and post-hospitalization. Below are some simple steps to prevent the hassle of health insurance claim:


It is essential to choose a hospital which asserts for a registration certificate unless an emergency visit as many insurance companies in India have refused claims mentioning that the hospital did not have a valid certificate.

Select a network hospital only after checking the list on the website because insurer may downgrade and remove some hospitals every year. If possible, take the prior approval from the insurance company in India before visiting a hospital so that even in case the hospital name is downgrade from the insurer’s list later.

At the time of Hospitalization

Some hospitals require the health insurance companies to confirm whether the policyholder’s claim should be accepted or not. In some cases, people may think that when he is covered then he won’t need to worry about the medical expenses during hospitalization.

Always keep the medical expenses low so that policyholder has the highest coverage available for the later period. Expensive or multiple claims will result to higher premiums for insured in the next year.

At the time of Discharge

Do not forget to check and re-check the medical bills. In case, the claim is settled the cashless way, then the patient or his family members should sign the bills before leaving hospital. Insurer will also come to know that it is the final medical bill as submitted to the patient.

Do not include a food bill of the visitor attending the patient because insurer will not pay for these expenses. Try to get a written clarification mentioning the reason for rejecting a claim from the insurance company in case the claim gets refused.

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