Different Types of Auto Insurance Riders

Generally, a comprehensive motor insurance covers loss or damage caused by you to a third party, a personal accident cover any loss or damage caused to your vehicle naturally. Auto owners may think purchasing auto insurance will make them free from all worries. But, there are several exclusions to a comprehensive auto insurance on which the insurance company in India don’t offer any coverage.

During such situations, riders work in your favor. Auto insurance riders are optional add-ons to your basic motor insurance policy which increase insurance coverage. It saves auto owners from the tricky situations and also gives unique valuable advantages. Buying riders at a little extra money can save you several bucks.

Below are the common riders available in a car insurance plan.

Zero Depreciation Cover

While considering the car accident claim, a standard motor insurance takes a depreciated value of the damaged parts into account. Therefore, the claim account received by an auto owner is not sufficient to fulfill the financial loss. The depreciation rate is based on various factors such as model, make, age etc. Only a zero depreciation cover gets you the complete claim amount with no exclusions under the name of depreciation.

Engine Coverage Rider

In case engine of your car is damaged because of water stalling/oil leakage, then engine coverage pay for its repair.

Roadside assistance & Towing Rider

This auto insurance rider will provide you 24*7 roadside assistance and policyholders may get some other auto-related services like battery jumpstart, duplicate keys, tyre change and minor repairs etc.

Policy Start Date

This is important for the records of the motor insurance calculator as the amount calculated is based on an annual rate.

Additional Coverage Details

Customers can include additional bonuses as per your specific requirements along with the names of some insurance service providers. In case you include additional clauses in the policy, then it will cost you extra money but can be more helpful based on your needs. Extra fuel kits, accessories value, and co-passenger insurance are some of the additional clauses which you may want to add to your insurance plan. Also, it should be observed that installation of theft prevention tools in customer’s vehicle are more recommended before purchasing an auto insurance plan online. A car insurance calculator is designed to make things much easier for potential insurance buyers. With the help of this tool, making a decision becomes easy and also it helps you to plan the long-term advantages of owning a motor insurance. This online feature offers the customers with lots of variation in terms of premium rates as per their needs. To get the correct premium rate, you only need to feed the exact information. Auto owners can easily calculate their insurance premium amount in simple easy steps and after knowing your car insurance premium, you can easily choose the best policy available from the market.

Ambulance & Medical Expenses Rider

In case the policyholder met with an accident and had to be rushed to the nearest hospital during emergencies, then this type of rider pays for the ambulance charges as well as for the medical expenses post-accident up to a certain amount.

Personal Accident Rider

Many Online Car Insurance policies are available with this rider to cover personal accidents, temporary partial disability, permanent partial-total disability and accidental death.

Rental Reimbursement

This rider type pays the car rental bills of the policyholder but it is still not popular especially in India.
All these above-mentioned riders ensure a hassle-free, enjoyable and safe journey every time everywhere.