Tips for Correct Car Battery Maintenance

If you are in a hurry to reach somewhere and your motor does not start just because the battery of your car is not in a working condition, then you definitely feel quite irksome. With some tips & tricks, you can easily avoid such situations and not to forget, a car in a good working condition helps to get you cheap car insurance.

Instead of using zero maintenance car battery, opt for a low maintenance battery and do the small maintenance it requires on regular basis.

Regular check of the electrolyte level and a bit cleaning both are very important. Sulphuric acid is used in the car battery and hence, use a pair of safety glasses & rubber gloves as safety measures against this acid while working. Do this cleaning process in a ventilated area to prevent any harm from fumes. Find advisable instructions in the manual provided by the battery manufacturers and follow them.

First, loosen and then remove the cable clamps at the terminals of battery. Now, open the clamps carrying the battery and keep it outside. Using baking soda & water, clean the upper surface of the battery. Remove all the dust particles from the terminals and clamps with the help of and emery paper and a mesh wire brush. Once you done with cleaning, put the battery back on its place and keep the clamps in proper position.

Attach the cable clamps on the terminals and tighten them. It is good to put some grease on the clamps.

Check the electrolyte level in the battery and ensure that it should be exact below the splash outlet. If the level is lower, then pour a little distilled water to reach the level. It will save the battery plate from getting dried out.

If you are using your vehicle regularly, then the battery gets recharged. At least, the motor should be frequently started and run a small distance. Otherwise, you need to use a battery charger. For a longer battery life, recharge process is to be done slowly and strictly avoid overcharging.

Approximate battery life is up to three years and it is recommended to change the battery if it is in use for more than 3 years. The vehicle will run smoother if owner maintains his car engine & all other auto parts in a good condition; consequently the battery of car will also have a longer life. This post helps to extend working life of your car battery and a car which is available in the good driving condition decrease car insurance premium as well.

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