Personal Accident Insurance must to Cover Uncertain Life

Majority of people believe that the unpleasant things in life will not hit them. There are many people who think that if they take enough precautions, they will not fall ill or will not meet with accidents. It is true that good health and healthy standard of living both are correlated.

But, there is a weak bond between exercising caution and decreased the occurrence of accidents. It is a real fact that accidents can happen to anyone, at anywhere. Accept this reality an eye-opener which encourages people to plan for such incidences, so that they affect their lives little less.

Based on the intensity of an accident, the victim can experience its impact.

  • Minor Impact

Under this situation, the person involved in an accident escape unharmed.

  • Partial Disability

In this scenario, an accident can leave the victim partially disabled. Such disability impacts the victim’s finances. In fact, there are bound to be expenses related to the treatment of the physical injury which the accident causes. A partial disability could be permanent or temporary.

  • Total Disability

A major accident could cause this disability where the victim is completely incapable of doing any work at all on account of the condition or injury. Generally, total disability is permanent.

  • Death

An accident could turn fatal in worst scenarios.

Buy online insurance policies in India to manage the financial burden which could exert on your family in case of an accident. At affordable accident insurance premium, it provides financial support in the event of an accident that leads to total or partial disability or death. The amount it pays based on the intensity of the damage done because of an accident and coverage purchased by the policyholder.

Benefits of Personal Accident Insurance

Indemnity insurance is given by mediclaim policies. Personal accident insurance pays a certain amount based on the policy terms, when it has been proved that an accident has occurred, resulting to total or partial disability or death. On the other hand, online health insurance reimburses the costs incurred. Indemnity insurance indemnifies insured only to the extent of the money which policyholder has already paid.

Health checkup is not necessary to buy accident insurance and the premium which you pay for this coverage is not based on your age. In case policyholder’s death during an accident, the money receivable will be more than paid by a term plan with the similar premium.

Today, a wide range of accident insurance policies with added benefits are available in the Indian insurance market. Some plans provide financial support to a dependent child for his education, marriage etc in case insured’s death.