Domestic Travel Insurance Coverage in India

Majority of insurance companies in India offer online domestic travel insurance coverage for traveling within India. But, many of you are not aware of the benefits of signing up for this policy. Basically, this insurance is important for two specific events and trip cancellation is one of them.

In case a person falls sick just before the time of his travel and don’t have any coverage, then he cannot get a refund of his trip costs. Loss of baggage is another reason why this product is important for travelers. The probability of losing your luggage on domestic and international flights is almost same. In fact, domestic travel insurance also covers medical treatment, evacuation to policyholder’s hometown and personal accidents.

But, policyholders should know that personal liability is not insured under this plan. This insurance is affordable and also minimizes your risk. So, there is no reason to avoid this policy if you are planning to travel within India. Below are some of the features offered by this online travel insurance India:

  • It secures insured against illness or injury by paying his medical expenses incurred during a trip. It means policyholder can enjoy his journey without experiencing any financial contingency.

  • Domestic travel insurance makes up for the financial loss insured may suffer if his belongings are stolen or lost.

  • Under this plan, policyholder gets personal accident cover that offers financial protection against disability, dismemberment and death.

  • Cover for cancellation or delay of trip reimburses for any prepaid expenses on bookings or tickets.

  • Emergency medical evacuation helps to reimburse emergency medical expenses.

  • It gives emergency cash facility if you lose your cash in an unknown place.

It excludes pre-existing conditions and related complications, self-inflicted injuries, the act of terrorism/war, HIV/AIDS and suicide attempts. Also, domestic travel insurance excludes the situations arising when the policyholder is under the influence of alcohol or drugs and criminal acts, hazardous activities etc.

The eligibility age varies from scheme to scheme. The coverage level is based on different factors like traveling destination, during of trip and medical conditions. Don’t take chance when there is a way to keep you tension-free while traveling.

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