Factors to Consider While Selecting the Best Travel Insurance

In this holiday season, many of you may have fixed the dates and started planning about a trip. Generally, travel insurance in India is highly ignored by travelers, unless they are visiting certain locations of the world where it is compulsory to have one.

Travel insurance services work in your favor to mitigate all medical emergencies as well as other risks, like accident, loss of passport or baggage, political risks and even catastrophe evacuation. Below are some important tips on choosing the policy which suits customer’s needs best:

A single trip travel plan is designed to insure a short tour while a multi-trip annual plan is made for those who are traveling frequently. In fact, there are special insurance products specifically made to serve to the requirements of a specific group such as senior citizen traveling for longer duration to a child or student traveling overseas. The premium amount is based on the type of travel insurance you select.

Finalize the sum insured on the basis of how medical services are available in the traveling destination. The policy is costlier if the sum assured is higher.

You may require a special add-on to insure accidents related to adventurous sports which you may enjoy during trip. Those who are planning a couple of month’s trip might need a home insurance to protect their properties against loss or damage by natural disaster, burglary or fire.

Travel insurance service provider in India provides transit insurance to cover important belongings like expensive items or important documents within the travel policy. There is a ‘missed connection’ cover for travelers who visit more than one country or city in a single trip and if traveler is arrested abroad, then bail bond insurance is more suitable.

These extra travel insurance services are available at additional premiums. Check online emergency assistance services, claim procedure, network hospitals, 24×7 toll free help lines and payment options before purchasing travel insurance in India.

The premium is higher for longer duration trip and older people. Pre-existing illnesses are only insured under life-threatening conditions. But, illnesses related to drugs and alcoholism is excluded. Travel insurance premium is costlier for destinations where medical services are expensive or have a history of natural disaster or politically unstable.

Industry experts suggest policyholders to read travel insurance reviews and then come to a fruitful decision. Reading these reviews give more details about the product.

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