Few Considerations While Selecting Suitable Travel Insurance

Those who are planning to go abroad this year; one of the most important things travelers will have to consider is the best travel insurance online. Holiday coverage is a very important purchase whenever people go on a vacation.

In case something were to happen to policyholders or to their family members while holidaying, then rate can instantly go up if travelers don’t have the right coverage in place. Below are some factors which you should follow while selecting suitable travel insurance:

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Pre-existing medical conditions is one of the most important considerations before deciding travel insurance policy. Most insurance companies in India will have their own definition of what they consider to be a pre-existing condition.

If you have any pre-existing conditions, then declare it in your application form. In case you fail to declare your pre-existing conditions, then you may end up trying to make a medical claim which may get rejected. Those who have any doubts should ask insurance companies in India before finalizing a holiday cover.

Sports and Activities

Sometimes, travelers consider that they are protected for sports and activities when they go on vacation. In case travelers go to the beach and everyone is experiencing the activities on offer, like jet skiing, they may think there is no harm in getting associated.

Insurance companies have restrictions on what customers can and cannot do when they are abroad. Insurers will give a list of activities and sports which policyholders are covered for on their standard plan, so ensure you are aware of these.


Be aware of the excess when you file a claim on travel insurance. It is the amount which customers need to pay for each claim. Some insurance companies in India may allow policyholders to pay a lower premium in return for a higher excess, so do not forget to look into. Remember to buy holiday cover as early as travelers have booked their trip.

Multi-Trip or Single-Trip

If person is not traveling frequently; then single trip travel insurance may be enough. But, in case person is planning to go abroad frequently, then he or she needs a multi-trip policy because this could work out more beneficial.

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