Five Different Types of Travel Insurance Policies

Travel insurance in India is must for those who are planning to go overseas, whether for a weekend away or around the world backpacking trip. However, selecting a plan is not easy at all. There are various choices travelers may want to consider, and below is five of the most common choices help people to make their decision.

  • Winter Sports Cover

Probably, travelers will need to buy separate winter sports cover if they are going on a snowboarding or skiing. Sometimes, people can get this included in a single trip travel insurance in India, but travelers may have to purchase it separately.

  • Single Trip and Multi-trip

First, traveler need to decide whether to buy multi-trip or a single trip policy. Single trip travel insurance services are more convenient only if person is planning to go overseas once in a year. On the other hand, multi-trip travel insurance is often the best choice if there is a chance to go abroad frequently.

  • Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Cover

Those travelers who have a pre-existing medical history should ensure that they get the approval from their travel insurance service providers. In fact, insurers will often ask customers some medical questions and buyers may find that they are insured after all. However, person may have to buy a separate insurance cover in case they are not covered.

  • Backpack Insurance

People who are planning to travel for a long period of time have to take a special cover such as backpacker policy. Many travel insurance service providers in India offer these types of travel insurance policies. So, when travelers are searching for these insurance products, they may get more affordable options available with a wide range of benefits and features.

  • Family Insurance Plans

If person is going on a family holiday, then remember to find the best travel insurance for family. Person may save some amount of money because buying a group policy to cover everyone is more affordable as compared to the cost of covering separately.

Make sure that you consider all your options very carefully even if you buy single trip travel insurance, a family plan or multi-trip cover.

Customers don’t want to buy an insurance product which they later find is unsuitable. Therefore, read the policy documents thoroughly and ask insurance related queries to insurance service provider to clear all doubts.

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