How does travel insurance work internationally?

Traveling is undoubtedly everyone’s beloved chapter and when it comes to international voyage, travelers go crazy. People always relish visiting new places and heritage, trying regional dishes they visit, getting introduced to new cultures etc. International leisure trips are full of thrills, excitement and joyous.  However, it is the time to get rid of daily boring routine and spend a very beautiful quality time with your family and loved ones internationally.
Carrying a travel insurance while in long international tour can mitigate the unexpected eventualities. Insurance companies are coming up with suitable or tailor-made travel insurance plans. Alas! Most of the buyers carry the stereotype that travel insurance covers flight delays, cancellations and lost baggage only. In reality, a travel insurance policy offers a much wider spectrum of coverage on international travel as well.
Travel insurance covers your medical treatment or expenses being on international tour. Moreover, it also provides cashless medical treatments at network hospital. It covers pre-existing diseases as well.
Travel Insurance also assists you to get immediate medical help to get you to the nearest hospital when in accident in abroad. Trip cancellation, curtailment are also covered under travel insurance. You will also get paid off for any financial loss out of tour cancellation or any change or cutting short an abroad trip. Nevertheless, it also covers personal accident. Insurers provide insurance to the policy holder’s family in case of unfortunate demise or permanent or partial disability.
Apart from these benefits, travel insurance renders many other benefits to your spouse, children and old parents. It also bestows the value added services such as medical concierge, automotive assistance, lifestyle services e.g. gifts or flower delivery assistance, home movers assistance, plumbing or electrical assistance etc.
Choosing the perfect travel insurance plan suiting your needs is the most important thing which comprises hassle-free claim process in an unforeseen event. Do keep contact details of your insurance agency or Third Party Administrator (TPA) while traveling abroad. Intimate your agency or TPA in advance before submitting the claim. TPA will always help you in contacting the embassy in crisis to locate the network clinics or hospital admission. The most important aspect in owning the much needed travel insurance is understanding it at the best of your knowledge before signing the papers. This will give you a clear idea about your insurance plan and cover you are holding. Always remember to submit a copy of passport, visa with entry and exit stamps, copies of boarding pass. Ticket and baggage tags should also be retained and submitted while filing a claim. However, in medical claims, duly filled claim form and signed by treating doctors, all medical reports, admission and discharge cards, original bills, vouchers, payment receipts with itemized prescription and treatment details, copy of x-ray or sonography, pathological reports should be submitted. These documents should be submitted within 30 days after your arrival in India or expiry of your policy, whichever is earlier.
This article is an attempt to wipe out stereotypes which people carry pertaining to travel insurance and create a clear picture of it. At PolicyBoss, our genuine endeavor is to give transparent services which manifest value for money for our privileged buyers