Tips for Buying Travel insurance

Nowadays, millions of people are traveling in India or abroad either for leisure or business purpose. In India, online travel insurance is gaining importance and can be bought for domestic or international travel or for a single trip or multiple trips within a certain time period. The major benefit of buying travel insurance online is that they pay for medical expenses which might be incurred during the journey.

Review Current Insurance Plans

Once you plan a trip, do not forget to check all existing insurance policies as well as credit cards. Those who have a car, home or health insurance plans cover a beneficial deal of what they’d pay for with travel insurance. Also check for insurance coverage of policies in foreign countries in case policyholders are traveling abroad.

Support of Visa and Credit Cards

Credit cards support a portion of vacation and visa offers emergency support network with no extra costs. In fact, some types of cards also give travel insurance coverage for damage or loss of baggage, roadside auto assistance and hotel burglary. Some cards offer the most comprehensive advantages, including emergency accident, car rental cover and trip cancellation. In case, people have a good credit score along with good income, they can enjoy a concierge service, airport lounge access and personal travel consultant.

Make Sure Insurance Cover Travel Expenses

Check if your travel expenses are included in the policy or policyholders have to make some payment initially and then submit an application form for the reimbursement of policyholders’ money.

Coverage Limit

Know your coverage limit and understand the deductible. This insurance pays for different items such as luggage limit, cancellation of trip etc. Compare the benefits online which you can avail by taking on deductibles and save some handsome amount of money. Buy travel insurance at least two weeks prior your journey to maximize coverage.

Declare Medical Problems

Those who are on medications make sure your insurance includes replacement costs. Disclose medical conditions of close relations on whom your journey depends. Go through the healthcare plan of your destination because it might be less expensive as compared to basic travel insurance.

Destination Restriction

While buying insurance ensure there are no restrictions on locations.

Additional Information

Know whether your insurance cover items like jewelry and laptop. Ask your insurance service provider if the policy is primary or secondary.

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