Role of Auto Insurance Adjuster

When policyholders have filed their claims with insurers, the representatives of the auto insurance companies will contact you by phone or by using any other resource to get more details. In most situations, it will be a claims or auto insurance adjuster. On behalf of the carrier, these people investigate claims.

This person may ask insured to clarify the previous details he/she provided, or just probe deeper to gain a complete idea of what happened in the event of an accident. During the investigation, the adjuster may request you to send a copy of police report just to review. An auto insurance adjuster may contact the other driver as well as talk to accident witnesses if listed.
He inspects a car for damages and takes some pictures of a car which is involved in the accident. Visit the accident place to thoroughly study the case. Contacting medical providers of an insured for details about injury expenses is also a part of his or her duty. The role of insurance adjuster also includes various other works like this person may ask you to sign a medical release application.

It is not at all easy for an adjuster to know what happened and who was at fault. But, no matter what, this person will definitely and successfully review insured’s policy to ensure that your claim is covered and look after the possible expenses if it exceeds your coverage limits. Based on the insurer and the accident, the insurance adjuster may request policyholder to take his or her car to one of their listed garages to get the estimation.

You also have the choice to make repair done at any garage, but policyholder may have to pay the difference between that the garage’s estimation and the amount the car insurance company feels is a right cost.

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