Bodily Injury Liability Coverage

Auto insurance is mandatory for vehicles but most people don’t have any idea about their exact coverage requirement. Bodily injury liability coverage is the part of this insurance plan and do not avoid this coverage, just to make it affordable.

What is bodily injury liability coverage?

It covers car owners in case when you made an accident which hurts someone else. Then, this insurance plan gives the medical expenses of any physical injury incurred by passengers in your vehicle and other vehicle after an accident for which only you are responsible. This policy also covers the legal expenses which you may incur when you cause an accident.

How bodily injury liability coverage works in your favor?

This coverage is necessary because it pays for injuries / death that the policyholder covered by his or her auto insurance policy, are found guilty for a car accident. But, it pays only up to your policy limits, for funeral expenses, medical cost, pain & suffering, loss of income and legal defense in case a lawsuit results from the auto accident. Like, Rs 30,000/Rs 50,000 means the minimum payout limit for single person is Rs 30,000 and the maximum payout limit for all injured people in one accident is Rs 50,000. Sometimes, it is also mentioned as 30/50.

Here, we also have to mention that this coverage does not cover any injuries of policyholder, only the injuries of others which you are liable for. If you want your car insurance company to pay for your personal injury, then you need personal injury protection.

What happens if car owner don’t have bodily injury liability coverage?

Those car owners who don’t have bodily injury liability coverage can be handed penalties such as license suspension, cancellation of vehicle registration, fines etc. You will also hold responsible personally for all injuries you cause to others in an accident.

In case owner is having low limits of bodily injury liability, then also owner could be at risk financially.

Who needs bodily injury coverage?

Every car owner needs this coverage because they never know when they might cause an accident. It doesn’t matter you drive for some time or on regular basis.