Need for Travel Insurance

Planning for abroad tour and yet confused whether to invest in travel insurance or not? Some think that travel insurance is essentially a waste of money. Disregarding this stereotype, let’s dispel this thought by focusing some significant aspects which should be considered while planning for a big trip.
Nothing is going to happen to me:
One of the most dominating factors that restrains people from going for not just travel but all other insurance plans is “Nothing is going to happen to me!” You must have spent safe life so far and rigorous traveling was one of the parts of this peaceful life. But no one knows about unforeseen future. Volatile weather, natural calamities, travel problems, flight cancellation, illness and injuries can easily make you call off your big tour. The only way to get rid of these unanticipated headaches is to get your travel plan secured with travel insurance. This will not only take care of every minute thing right from loss of luggage till massive cancellation.
Other insurance policies don’t make me feel the need for travel insurance.
Superficially customized insurance policies such as home and health insurance do not always cover the costs of medical expenses in abroad. The harm and loss occurred by natural calamities or catastrophes hitting your preplanned big trip don’t get covered by any other insurance plan. Travel insurance plan will get you reimbursed for this capital loss.
Medical services in abroad are very expensive
As far as medical services are concerned, travelling to developed or developing countries can cost you high.  Carrying a travel insurance while in such expensive countries will negate the risk of getting your pockets empty in case of inevitable medical emergencies.
Most of the people usually think that this travel insurance is for trekkers, sky-divers, ice-climbers and cave explorers etc. to get their lives secured in an adventurous trip to abroad. But anyone can benefit from the security that comes from buying a travel insurance policy. Though these mentioned people are at relatively higher risk as they come across emergency situations. However, these emergency situations can come across to anyone. These insurance plans can get you secured from burglary, break down of transport mode, delay and cancellation of fights, medical emergencies & further assistance, loss of luggage etc.